Online taxi

From now on, you can order a taxi not only in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa and Lviv, but also in nine other Ukrainian cities such as Chernihiv, Kremenchuk, Belaya Tserkov, Mariupol, Cherkassy, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Poltava and Sumy.

How easily order a taxi online in Kharkiv

The distance between points of destination in such a big city like Kharkov can be a significant obstacle to the meetings when time is limited. Even the subway is not always a way out in this situation. We can only hope for smart taxi drivers. Moreover, the professionals from the service Taxi “Virage” can be ordered online.

We must call a taxi – make online ordering

You still trust only telephone conversation with the dispatcher? But this is not the only way to order a taxi in Odessa. More and more companies make their services available via the Internet. Service taxi “Virage” – is no exception.

The site, which represents the company not only provides a complete picture of all possible services, tariff policy and loyalty program for regular customers, but also offers to order a taxi online in Kharkiv. This greatly simplifies feedback. Plain and simple online application form includes fields with the time and address where the vehicle is required. And entering details on travel to the place where you expect the crew, excluding the increase in waiting time.

Also, when ordering online, you can specify additional options that significantly improve comfort during the trip. Leaving the application, you will immediately specify all the details that determine the choice of vehicle.

  • Moving around the city and beyond passengers and cargo.
  • Convenient for one passenger sedan or family, and a minibus for a small company.
  • Cars premium business meetings, important guests or different occasions.
  • Guaranteed delivery by courier documents, correspondence.
  • A trip to vetkliniky animals, exhibitions and more.
  • Pre-order the car at a certain date and time.

Fill in the online application – is the ability to immediately see the value of the planned trip, allowing you to realistically assess their financial capabilities and ensure that a good match. Remember to include your phone number for feedback and confirmation of acceptance of order.

If you are still not trust modern technology, contact the dispatching service is always possible via the usual phone call.