This document is a public offer and a public contract and in accordance with Articles 633, 641 and Ch. 63
The Civil Code of Ukraine, its conditions are the same for all consumers.
In accordance with Part 2 of Art. 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, applying for the provision of the Service is
acceptance of this offer is considered equivalent to the conclusion of the Agreement on the terms
set out in the offer. You must provide your personal data and provide it for free.
use of our company, in which case the contract will be considered concluded, and our company
accepted obligations to provide services that are defined in the subject of the contract.
If necessary, the contract may be concluded in writing.


1.1. “Consumer” – an individual, using the means of telecommunication and radio frequency communication, verbally and (or) in writing to the Information Call Center –
PE Terletsky DM, on the provision of information.
1.2. Information service-actions of the Information Call Center for providing consumers
Information products.
1.3. “Information Call Center” (hereinafter referred to as the ICC) – the Contractor, provides information support to Consumers regarding the data that the Contractor has requested by the consumer.
1.4. “Reporting period” – a calendar month during which the Contractor provided service
(Information) services to the Customer.
1.5. The right to information – is provided for by the constitution, the law of Ukraine “On Information”
and other regulatory legal acts the possibility of free receipt, use,
distribution, storage and protection of information necessary for the exercise of their rights, freedoms and
legitimate interests.
1.6. Request – appeal of the Consumer by means of communication to obtain relevant information,
the provision of which is the field of activity of the ICC according to the terms of the contract.


2.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with information services on the terms and in the manner
provided for in this contract, and the Customer undertakes to accept the services provided and to compensate the Contractor for the costs of providing these services related to the transfer
information to the customer.


3.1. The service is provided to the Customer on the basis of an Agreement between the Customer
and the Contractor by means of the parties taking actions indicating their consent to comply with the published Public Offer Rules. Consent to the terms of the public offer is confirmed as follows. The service agreement is concluded by the Customer accepting this public offer containing all the essential terms of the contract, without signing by the parties and without specifying the Customer.
3.2. The full and unconditional acceptance of this public offer in accordance with the article of the Civil Law of Ukraine is the fact of contacting the Contractor for the provision of relevant services, which occurs immediately after the call back to the Contractor’s number or in another way using telecommunication services.
3.3. The moment of acceptance of this public offer, defined in clause 2.3., Is considered the moment of conclusion of the Agreement. An agreement concluded by accepting a public offer has legal force in accordance with Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine is equivalent to an agreement signed by the parties.
3.4. The Contractor provides round-the-clock software and hardware functioning of the ICC, which makes it possible for any Consumer, in the understanding of the contract, to contact the Operator at any time of the day through the Contractor and receive information from the latter service, as well as analyze the information needs of the Customer and search for optimal decisions and data from the information field required by the Customer.
3.5. The Contractor does not provide services under this agreement to legal entities and their employees or individuals to entrepreneurs, for the sake of carrying out financial and economic activities of such entities.


4.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide information services to the Customer in a timely and appropriate manner.
4.2. The Contractor undertakes to ensure the round-the-clock continuous functioning of the ICC, the observance by employees of general ethical standards when communicating with consumers.
4.3. The Contractor undertakes to conduct preliminary training of the ICC employees to ensure the proper acceptance of orders and compliance with general ethical standards when communicating with consumers.
4.4. The Contractor carries out queuing of calls, tracking calls, forwarding to a specific number, the self-employed individual – entrepreneur, legal entity (at the request of the customer and in accordance with the terms of contracts concluded by the Contractor to carry out its activities).
4.5. The contractor analyzes information requests, compares them and provides the customer with data on the coincidence of the requested data.


5.1. The customer undertakes to provide true personal data regarding the address, location of the customer, his phone number, time and route to a specific place, as well as other necessary data for the activities of the Contractor.
5.2. The Customer agrees to provide for free use all the personal data requested from him to the Contractor, including for the subsequent provision of the specified data by the Contractor to third parties, without notifying the Customer about it.
5.3. The customer agrees not to abuse the right to apply for relevant information without the need for it.


6.1. In order to streamline the activities and in order to ensure the functioning of the ICC, the Contractor collects information about the specifics of customer requests, personal data of customers.


7.1. In the event of improper fulfillment by the Customer of obligations under this agreement, which has led to claims by Consumers or other third parties, the Customer undertakes to independently consider such complaints and to eliminate the indicated shortcomings of the Center.


8.1. Any – disputes and disagreements that directly or indirectly relate to or influence this agreement, the parties will resolve through negotiations and in the manner prescribed by law.

8.2. None of the parties is relieved of its obligations under this agreement both in the presence of any dispute or disagreement or in the event of a dispute being referred to an economic court.


9.1. The parties are relieved of liability under this agreement if the failure to fulfill or improper fulfillment of obligations was due to the occurrence of force majeure, such as war, floods, epidemics, strikes, embargoes.


10.1. The validity period of this agreement is unlimited, with the exception of the agreed legal relations and the service periods provided for by individual business entities, respectively.


11.1. The provisions of this agreement cannot be changed unilaterally by each of the parties.

All additional documents, namely: applications, additional agreements and other documents are an integral part of this agreement, subject to their respective signing by authorized representatives of the parties.


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